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  • Our son improved his SAT score about 180 points. The tutor definitely kept his end of the bargain.

    Parent of a 12th Grader

  • My daughter made a 4 on her AP Calculus test, and we know it was in large part due to your tutor!

    Parent of a Senior

  • I just don't think I could've chosen a better tutor if I'd done it personally. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.

    Parent of 10th Grader

  • Better Tutoring, Better Grades

    Finding the right tutor who understands the needs of the student can be difficult sometimes. At Lloydminster Tutor, we pride ourselves on being able to provide tutors who excel at helping students master the material in the following subjects: language, math, science, and power engineering. We encourage our students to not only learn the material, foster the development of new skills that will aid them in understanding future problems. What makes us better than other tutoring companies? Following are five simple reasons you should sign up with us.
    1). We help students understand concepts better.
    Whether it be in math, science, power engineering, or language, our tutors are trained to not just give answers, but to lead students along the path to understanding. While being able to recall an answer may help on a quiz, the real key to learning is being able to apply the methods used to get to that answer to various problems. Our tutors stress teaching how to apply various methods to arrive at the correct solutions. 
    2). We help students improve their memory.
    While it is important that students learn how to apply themselves to a problem rather than just memorize answers, memory does play a role in learning. For example, learning methods must be memorized. If language is the subject being studied, vocabulary needs to be memorized. People studying our other subjects will find life a lot easier if various formulas are committed to memory. However, developing a good memory isn't just based on looking at something and not forgetting it. We train our students to develop better cognition skills and give the tools needed for keeping things their long term memory. It is the ability to make concepts a part of one's being that we strive for, so that recalling certain facts becomes as natural as speaking.
    3). We help improve our students' confidence.
    It has been shown time and again that the less nervous a student is, the better the student will perform. Our tutors are specially trained to provide an encouraging atmosphere that helps intensifies the strengths of our students while quietly correcting weaknesses. Focusing on what students do right rather than what they do wrong gives them the confidence needed to keep trying without giving up. We understand that when a student believe he or she can do something, then thought more often than not becomes reality.
    4). We teach our students how to learn.
    We do not give answers. We guide students along the path of discovery, step by step. Learning is not being given an answer and then memorizing it - it is understanding how to arrive at a solution. Not understanding how to find the solutions to answers can cause a variety of problems down the road, not just on a test, but any time life requires a solution to a problem. We help students avoid this pitfall by teaching good study skills and how to approach various problems - skills that are useful even outside the field they are learning.
    5). We help our students improve their grades.
    It goes without saying that one of the primary purposes in signing up with a tutoring company is to see an improvement in your overall score. This is why we are keen on providing help with any homework and are ready to answer any questions you have about the subject. Our tutors give clear, concise, and useful explanations as to how various problems work. When students work with us, not only do they feel that they understand the material better, their grades reflect that fact as well. 
    Finding the right tutor is not just about finding someone who knows all the answers. The best student does not always make the best teacher. At LloydTutor, we know that the key in improving skills is not to throw answers at our students and ask them to memorize. Learning is a journey of discovery and it is this journey we prepare our students for, arming them with the skills needed to attack any problem. If you are interested in discovering the wonders of learning and want help in unlocking your potential, contact us now to find out how we can help get you started on the path towards academic success.

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